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No Attorney-Client Relationship

YOUR USE OF THE WEBSITE DOES NOT CREATE AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND Salmon & Nostrand.  SIMILARLY, THE TRANSMISSION OF INFORMATION TO AND FROM HINCH NEWMAN BY MEANS OF THE WEBSITE IS NOT AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT COMMUNICATION. If You would like Salmon & Nostrand to represent You, You should contact our office directly.  If the matter in connection with which You seek representation involves other parties, be sure to list each and every one of them on the online case submission form.  If Salmon & Nostrand agrees to represent You, we will inform You by e-mail or telephone, and will provide an engagement agreement setting forth the basis of the representation.  Unless and until You have executed and returned that engagement agreement, and Salmon & Nostrand has confirmed its receipt, no attorney-client relationship exists.

Unless an attorney-client relationship exists between You and Salmon & Nostrand, You shall not represent to any third party, either directly or by implication, that You are represented by the Salmon & Nostrand, or that Salmon & Nostrand is in any way involved in Your matter.  Without limiting the foregoing, unless an attorney-client relationship exists between You and the Salmon & Nostrand, You shall not copySalmon & Nostrandn, or any attorney or employee of Salmon & Nostrand, on any e-mails or letters in a manner that could reasonably be interpreted by any third party to mean that You are represented by Salmon & Nostrand.